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RAPPORT have over one hundred years of association with fine timepieces and are proud
to introduce their latest range of Watch Winders and Collector Boxes – the ultimate
accessory for owners of automatic, self winding watches. Owners of such watches are
generally people who appreciate the finer things in life and will recognise the quality and
practicality of a Rapport watch winder.
Our designers have created a range of winders to satisfy the fashion conscious or
more traditional tastes – there’s a wide variety of wood finishes to choose from as well as
subtle combinations of various metals and glass. The wooden cases come alive with the
application of no less than eight coats of highly polished lacquer whilst the metal models
are finished to perfection. The interiors are lined with a soft-touch fabric to offer protection
to the watches and add to the elegance of the winders, while the fine tuned mechanism
keeps your watch in prime condition. Each model is painstakingly crafted using the finest
quality components and attention to detail throughout – is second to none.
People who have more than one automatic watch for different occasions often find
that one is worn more often than another, and so a Rapport Watch Winder with multiple
winders is the perfect answer to the problem. Just by slipping a watch over the cushion,
and placing this within one of the independently controlled cups, the Rapport Watch
Winder will maintain all your timepieces in perfect order.
Rapport also caters for the serious collector of prestige watches and offer a selection
of Collectors’ Boxes to match the quality of the Watch Winders. The Collectors Boxes
range is further testament to Rapport’s reputation for quality, craftsmanship and service.
Why use a Watch Winder?
An automatic watch has a mechanism that requires regular motion to keep the inner
spring constantly charged, this motion is usually provided as it is worn. Once removed
from the wrist the stored energy will only run for 24-72 hours, depending upon the model,
then the watch will need to be manually rewound and reset.
Many automatic watches have additional features, or ‘Complications’, –
date/time/lunar phase/world time etc. so the task of rewinding and recalibrating a watch
if it runs down is best avoided.
Furthermore, watches of this calibre are precision instruments and like all
thoroughbreds they actually benefit from exercise – if left unwound for long periods,
internal lubricants can be lost from critical areas which will eventually lead to excessive
wear on components and subsequent lack of accuracy.
Rapport Watch Winders have features designed to mimic the action of a watch being
worn. The watch is held at a precise angle while being rotated and the winder can be set
to run intermittently so that the watch is always permanently wound.
A Rapport winder gives every automatic watch
the exercise it needs
watch winders
for prestige automatic watches
A pedigree of craftsmanship & design