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1 watch winders in other ranges
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The Ultimate Winder for Prestige Automatic Watches
Perpetua Mono
These single Watch Winders have solid wood cases,
stained in a fashionable range of colours and finished
with eight layers of hand applied lacquer to give a
luxurious, hard, high-gloss appearance.
Size: 152 high x 190 wide x 152mm deep
– Mahogany Mono with burgundy interior
– Cherry wood Mono with beige interior
– Dark green Mono with beige interior
– Ebony Mono with grey interior
The Perpetua range of Watch Winders for Automatic Watches
consists of models to accommodate 1, 2 or 4 watches and
are available in a variety of luxurious finishes. Each model is
of wooden construction with the outer surfaces being finished
with eight coats of hand applied lacquer - with the exception
of the genuine leather model. Metal fitments - hinges, feet etc.
- are chrome or gold plated and the interiors are lined with a
soft feel velvet fabric.
A soft filled cushion, which matches the interior, adjusts to all
sizes of watch strap, leather or link bracelet, so that when the
watch is slipped over the cushion, it fits snugly into the cup
and there is no danger of the watch becoming detached.
Winding Mechanism
The motor mechanism runs virtually silent, on a safe low
voltage which is provided by batteries or from the mains using
the DC adaptor supplied. The adaptor is available to suit all
overseas markets. The mains adaptor plugs into a discreetly
covered socket at the back of the box and when it is in use
the battery supply is automatically cut to conserve power.
Two modes of operation are provided – a fast winding mode,
when the drum rotates continuously, and a timed mode which
rotates the drum intermittently clockwise and anticlockwise.
On multi-watch models each cup is independently controlled.