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An automatic watch has a mechanism that requires regular motion to keep the inner spring constantly charged,
this motion is usually provided as it is worn. Once removed from the wrist the stored energy will only run for a
short while, depending upon the model, then the watch will need to be manually rewound and reset.
A watch with further ‘complications’, – date/time/lunar phase/world time etc. the task of rewinding and
recalibrating if it runs down is best avoided.
Furthermore, watches of this calibre are precision instruments and like all thoroughbreds they actually benefit
from exercise – if left unwound for long periods, internal lubricants can be lost from critical areas which will
eventually lead to excessive wear on components and subsequent lack of accuracy.
‘evolution’ watch winders have features designed to mimic the action of a watch being worn. The watch is held
at a precise angle while being rotated and the winder can be set to run at the optimum requirement for your
particular watch to ensure it is permanently wound.
a new generation of watch winders
The mechanism
The frequency and speed of rotation are important factors the ‘evolution’ range has addressed in ensuring
the precision workings of your watch are correctly maintained. The oscillations of the winder simulate the
motion of the wrist when the watch is being worn - it doesn’t just revolve, it swings, changes direction and
rests periodically according to whichever of the three modes you choose.
Adjustable pad
The watch carrier has a screw adjustment at the front and a sprung pad at the back to allow the fitting of
virtually any size watch strap, leather or link bracelet. A soft padded leather covering to the carrier prevents
damage to the watch. The carrier fits snugly into the cup and there is no danger of the watch becoming
detached. It also cleverly comes to rest with the watch in the perpendicular position whenever the rotation cycle
is stationary.
Electricity supply
The motor mechanism runs virtually silent, on a safe low voltage which is provided by batteries or from
the mains using the DC adapter supplied. An LED light is provided on each model to indicate that power
is on and/or battery life.
Choice of settings
A rotary control knob offers three programmes (Soft, Medium and Strong) which give various combinations
of duration. Each programme is designed to ensure that there is always power in the watch’s movement
to maintain accurate time keeping.
We are sure that you will be absolutely delighted with the ‘evolution’ Watch Winder yet, as with all Rapport
luxury products we offer a full 24 month guarantee.
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